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Why You Must Screen Your Employees

When it comes to the hiring process of a company or an organization, there are many pitfalls that must be avoided. There is no shortage of candidates who apply for each vacancy. To make sure you only hire the most competent applicant, it is important to run some background checks for each candidate.

Background checks include verifying that the information provided by the candidate in their CV and the interview was accurate, check the references to make sure they are valid, pull up the candidate’s criminal records and involvement in any controversial activities, and to conduct a drug test on the candidate.

But sometimes despite getting all these verifications, once a candidate has been hired, the employer might realize that there are some red flags in the candidate’s past or maybe a change in responsibilities and authority might result in some future liabilities for the organization due to the candidate. For this reason, it is important to have a thorough screening process in place to keep up with your employees even after they have been hired. Outlined below are some of the reasons why you must screen your employees.

Ensures There are No Surprises

Regular verification of the employees’ credentials and suitability for the task at hand ensures that you are never caught off guard when an employee does something that might hurt the organization in any way. A screening process ensures that the employer is always aware of how the employees are performing and this helps them foresee any complications that might arise in the future.

Creates a Safe and Secure Work Environment

A screening process ensures that all employees continue to perform at their best, and don’t abuse their authority or shirk their responsibilities. This creates a safe and secure work environment where the rights of the employer, employees, and the customers are safeguarded.

Employers are Obligated by the Law

The law demands that employers run background checks on their employees and to ensure that all of their employees are well-equipped to handle their obligations. For this purpose, the law requires employers to run background checks and conduct a screening process for the employees even after employment.

Avoid Liability

If an employee is not the right candidate for the job, but still manages to get that responsibility, this might result in complications down the road. Such a scenario paves the way for future malpractice or liability claims filed by the customers. To avoid costly liability claims that can also ruin the organization’s reputation in the market, it is important to screen your employees from time to time.

Helps Maintain a Standard

It is normal for candidates to be on their best behavior during an interview, and to only reveal those aspects of their personality that will improve their chances of getting the job. But once the hiring process is over and the candidate is secure in their job, they might start to slack and demonstrate other undesirable personality traits. By screening your employees regularly, the employers can make sure that a high standard of quality is maintained and that all the employees continue to perform at their optimal level.