Employee RISC Assessment

To save your reputation and money, we’ve got you covered with the employee background screening that is capable enough to dig out past dealings and embezzlements on the candidate’s profile. Our extensive “employee RISC assessment” process ascertain the candidate’s education, previous employments, credit worthiness, criminal convictions and litigation record filtering out the right candidates to work with you.

Why Choose DE RISC For Your Pre-Employment Screening Requirements?

Background Checks We Offer

We capitalize on our access to seasoned local investigators around the globe merged with the state of art technological gears. Thus, we are able to offer our clients, fastest turnaround time, competitive pricing models, global coverage and accurate reporting standards on these checks.

Educational Qualifications Verification

With increasing international degree-mill scams as Axact and others, risks associated with the authenticity of a candidates’ educational qualifications have increased manifold. Hence, it is essential to verify educational qualifications ...Read More

Identity and Address Verification

Identity check is the foremost background check to ensure that the candidate is the same person that he claims to be. We tend verify the identity of candidate as well it entails a digital verification of their provided address ...Read More

Professional Qualification and Membership Check

Since most of the technical jobs requires a candidate to have certain qualifications and memberships, our analysts provide recruiters with the verified details as of authenticity of certificate / membership ...Read More

Employment Verification

Our employment history check shall verify previous duration of employment, positions held, remuneration, responsibilities and reason for leaving of a potential candidate. Our analysts shall also lookout for candidates ...Read More

Criminal Verification

To acquire information about a candidate’s background locally and to ascertain that there is no involvement in related criminal activities, we recommend a local police verification to our clients ...Read More

Financial Regulatory Check

Certain regulated industries are required to conduct a financial regulatory check before hiring new personnel at the executive or top financial positions such as managing director, chief financial officers ...Read More

Bankruptcy Check

Bankruptcy check investigates if a candidate is declared bankrupt from any financial institution. Significance of this check pertains in knowing of the candidate’s previous financial situation (primarily in last 5 years). In some other scenarios, bankruptcy search is also conducted to ...Read More

Directorships and Shareholding Check

To avoid any conflict of interest and to make sure that employee’s contribution is exclusive to the employer, directorship checks provides an assurance while hiring for top level management, then it must make sure that the ...Read More

Civil Litigation Check

Our civil litigation check provides employers with the details of candidate’s personal legal disputes may it be the one filed by candidate or against him in the trial courts. Primary research is conducted in these checks from district courts ...Read More

Credit Check

Credit check of both present and new employees is significant for most of the employers. This type of check helps in accessing the financial background of employee so that the employer can avoid any future losses. We tend to provide recruiters ...Read More

Employment References Check

To establish a candidate’s legitimacy at work, we look out for any previously accepted restrictive clauses during employment; warnings; dependability issues; disciplinary actions, claims by or their former ...Read More

Adverse Media Search Check

Our media check looks out for any red flags in the public profile of candidate, for which we entail discrete scrutiny for the given predominantly used index over national level electronic and ...Read More

Political Exposed Person Check

Knowing that PEP generally present a higher risk for potential involvement in bribery and corruption by virtue of their position and the influence that they may hold, being an investigative concern, De RISC Group utilizes its access to proprietary databases for politically ...Read More

Driving License Verification

Our service will check the attributes of a driving license up against relevant traffic department / credible data sources. It helps to see any prevalent traffic violations reported against the subject and authenticates the validity of identity document ...Read More

Debarment Check

Our debarment check is a database search that validates an individual’s sanctions or debarment to fulfil a particular role or provide services in a particular region ...Read More

Passport Check

Our Passport Verification analyzes, verifies and authenticates over 3,500 types of documents from around the world against global reference database / relevant government department. Our document verification partner performs checks that determine the authenticity ...Read More

Police Verification

The police verification is usually conducted through the National or Local Police based on the jurisdiction of the city provided. This search will report back felony level convictions in the past 5-7 years ...Read More

Motor Vehicle Registration

This service provided by DE RISC Group will check the attributes of a Motor Vehicle Registration up against relevant traffic department / credible data sources. In some regions, it’ll also report back the history of transfers ...Read More