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Accuracy; an exigent factor of Employment Screening Process

Background checks are critical components of the hiring process. As per a survey, 72% of the employers said that conducting background screening helped them in identifying vulnerabilities that they would not have found otherwise. The critical function of background checks in recruitment of most eligible candidates for open opportunities makes it imperative for both employers and candidates that the checks are conducted in an efficient manner and their results are accurate.

Types of Inaccuracies

It is likely that pre-employment screening reports a number of false outcomes. The misreport may include incorrect addresses and names or any other potentially harmful information. The inaccurate reporting can be of two types:

  1. False Positive
  2. The result is considered false positive if it indicates that the subject has an adverse record when in reality there is none.

  3. False Negative
  4. When the background screening result reports that the subject has no adverse record however in reality the candidate is convicted of ill-doing, the result, in such a case, is considered as false negative.

How does inaccurate background screening result affect the employers?

Employers conduct background checks to ensure that they hire someone who is right for the job and will benefit the business. Lack of accuracy in screening results can end up in recruitment of someone who is not qualified for the job. An erroneous background check can lead to the hiring of an untrained or high-risk employee, placing the safety of existing employees in jeopardy. Moreover, employers who hire someone based on a fake negative report risk being sued for negligent hiring later, especially if the criminal record exposes a pattern of offenses that extends into the workplace.

How does inaccurate background screening result affect the employees?

The consequences of inaccurate background check can be disastrous for the subject individual whose information was reviewed. Many businesses rely on background checks to filter out candidates, especially for positions with a high volume of applicants, thus an inaccurate background check could result in an individual not being selected for a job. Furthermore, some people may be turned down for a loan or have their housing application denied. Paying no heed to inaccuracy in background screening can greatly affect a person’s reputation and career.

Ensuring accuracy in background screening results

As an employer, you must not run background checks on your own using ‘instant online check’ since these reports lack comprehensiveness and are not genuinely accurate. In order to exclude any liability, it is crucial for a business to work with a screening partner who guarantees the accuracy of their background investigations. De RISC Group is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Associate (PBSA) and prioritizes data integrity above everything else. With our comprehensive suite of investigations and screening services, we will help you manage threats to your business and maintain your brand reputation. Reach out to us at info@riscgroup.co and get insights of our risk management services.